Weekly Roundup

Weekly Roundup – Guy R Cook 20130524

Weekly Roundup of content shared from the desk of Guy R Cook – Web Developer

Using Website Analytics to provide answers to the following important questions.

Bing Business Portal is now Bing Places for Business and just today had time to look see. https://www.bingplaces.com/ is where you end up after using the bookmark sent as http://www.bing.com/places in the email I got on 5/20 Claim your business, get verified, etc, etc.

http://voices.yahoo.com/four-tips-creating-great-landing-page-12133174.html?cat=15 from the voices.yahoo.com on Yahoo, a well written piece on Landing Pages.

New Google+: Stream, Hangouts, and Photos My tasks are added to now, sorting things out in the new features, which ones are keepers and which ones I”m going to wait on.  A LOT of things added at once will make things busy for a time I’m sure.

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