Hosting Account setup

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Hosting Account setup

hosting account setup, and the many features available to setup the account basics.

Have a good hosting plan that meets your needs today and planning for growth and expansion too.  Having a Google Account, is a great place to start, an account gives you many extra things needed for your hosting account, after the gmail account is created, then a space is made on Google Drive to save and share all the documents in the project to make collaboration going forward easily done.  Using KeyPass, from   Then using that on a USB stick, every login can be unique

Then the first things to do are:

  • Selecting a good Domain Name
  • Transfer your Domain Name
  • Purchase a New Domain
  • Assign Additional Domains to your Account

Then, make the list of email users for the domain, and the aliases that those users will have setup to have an email inbox assigned, that way the username of the account is NOT the email address that manages the account.

The Google email account is the primary interface used, with some extras added that make the good interface even better.

FTP Access

Acess via Filezilla for use of FTP, Windows also will use notepad++ to do simple edits

File Manager Access

cPanel Access

Expanding your Hosting Account Features

Register Domain Names

Register your .com, .net and .org domains.
Bulk pricing and private domain name registration options.
Web hosting and email accounts available.
No Paypal?
No problem, Paypal also supports payments just using a credit card.

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