The Guy R Cook Report Brand Toolkit


The Guy R Cook Report Brand Toolkit, began working with the Internet in the late 90’s (before Windows 95) After working as the Marketing Director at the 9th largest ISP in Central Puget Sound (Seattle, WA) a radio disc jockey, a TV news anchor, the passion for Internet Solutions was born.  I like to cook up solutions for woes with email, twitter, facebook, tumblr, pinterest, and more and share those online. Use #theguyrcookreport as hashtag when sharing on social media.

I manage content across the US, and to English speaking countries in the world. Working at this since the late 90’s has provided me with many skills related to ‘making it work’

I love dogs, grand kids, and my wife.

I am usually available for side collaborations and talks worldwide. If you want to chat about design, books, internet solutions, or anything else, don’t hesitate in reaching out. has a contact form.


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The Guy R Cook Report since 2016
The Guy R Cook Report

The Guy R Cook Report Brand Toolkit

Color Palette
#3D556F, #040202, #AA694B, #8EAB91, #EEDE93

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