Software updates for WordPress

I recently posted about Managed Services, and a part of that post related to software updates.   Today on a hosted wordpress blog I got an update notice for SSL Insecure Content Fixer version 2.4.0  on the website then the download was for version 2.3.0 which results in Update Failed: Download failed. Not Found     Again, later on I will try to get the newest stable release 2.4.0     If it isn’t tested, it doesn’t work comes to mind.




Selling the Benefits of Managed Services

Regular updates are required to maintain site speed, security, and longevity. As the agency responsible for building a site, you are in the best place to maintain it for your client. Sit down with your client early on; spell out the frequency and types of updates that they should expect to do. Show them some of the benefits of regular site maintenance:

Software Updates
An outdated CMS, theme, plugin, or other software can create security holes attackers will take advantage of to breach your clients’ sites.

Regular Backups
Creating a full backup from the server ensures you have a usable copy of the database and files. Regular manual backups are important even if you use a backup plugin, since plugin errors can sometimes render backups unusable.

Virus Scans
Attackers can be inconspicuous with their malicious activities. Bad code quietly placed on your site can quickly get you banned by search engines.

Site Updates for SEO
It’s important to keep content fresh to maintain your position in search engine rankings. Google’s frequent algorithm changes are well documented. Not keeping things optimized can cause your site to drop in (or disappear from) search results


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In terms of a blog, what are Cornerstone content pieces

Cornerstone content pieces are those articles on your website you’re most proud of. They reflect your business, communicate your mission and are extremely well written. These are the articles you would like to rank high in the search engines. Cornerstone articles are usually explainers; these articles combine insights from different blog posts.

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Walking to Manchester

I have car trouble, it’s in the repair shop and so as a result I have no vehicle.  I live sort of close to Manchester, WA and have a PO Box there as a result of my mail being stolen some years ago at my home.  So, when the ‘nag’ started to me that I needed to check the mail, the only way to do it was walk there.  I left here about 9:45 AM and got back, tired, at 11AM.

The biggest reason I am writing this to you is to encourage you to get out of that chair, couch, tree stump, and walk.  That’s right, start up that “Shoe-de-baker” and get stepping, you’ll be all the better for it.

In summary, after the shower and the 4.5 hour nap (I am a good napper) I took a second to write this blog post.   Here’s hoping the car is done on Saturday.

Have a great weekend!


Notepad++ 7.3.2 bug-fixs & enhancements:

1. Fix crash issue on column mode editor.
2. Fix “Use new style save dialog” setting’s regression.
3. Enhance “Open file” command – open a file from editor zone without selecting its full path.
4. Fix word char list settings not applying on next launch issue.
5. Fix block uncomment for line comment bug.
6. BaanC Language is supported.
7. Add error notification on run dialog.
8. Fix the caret position not maintained issue between document move.
9. Fix caret goes to wrong position after word completion.
10. Enhance Function List for supporting language.
11. Add check mark in Language menu.
12. Fix toolbar not showing issue while launching Notepad++ from system tray in some unknown configuration. links to the main website, do give this a look.