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When the hot water tank breaks, things to buy…

I told my neighbor that I was just back from the Dollar Tree store with ‘stuff’ we needed to exist until the new hot water tank is put in.

Disposable plates, bowls, silverware, and some bottles of water to drink with.  When there I was shown a new product, sugar-free lemonade drink mix, one packet per bottle of water.

When the new hot water tank is installed there will be improvements, in that there will be a shut off for the water going in, so when it needs worked on it won’t affect the rest of the water.

Happy Saturday!


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20180810 Friday Wrapup of The Guy R Cook Report

Friday Wrapup of The Guy R Cook Report list is made of these episodes 20180810:

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Creating My New Channel Logo 20180807

Creating My New Channel Logo 20180807 happened for because when I shared the podcast episode into Facebook, it was resized into a rectangle, the source file then was 1400 x 1400 to work right for Apple Podcasts.

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Luckily, there are still tons of great, free tools out there that bloggers and creatives can take advantage of so they aren’t breaking the bank! I’m all about saving money and I’ve done some work to find the best blogging resources that won’t cost me a penny.   Ana wrote this and more in this post

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Friday Wrap-up of The Guy R Cook Report 20180727  The summation of the weeks episodes of The Guy R Cook Report for the convenience of having everything in one URL, this links to the audio podcast AND the text show notes of each episode.  Happy Friday  #theguyrcookreport  #HappyFriday