Jasper suggestions about promoting Freelance online

• Freelancers can promote their business online by creating content, participating in social media discussions and leveraging the power of LinkedIn. #freelance

• Join some online marketplaces, create a professional portfolio and start spreading the word about your skills & services. #freelancepromotion

• Utilize webinars & virtual events to network with potential clients; use social media influencers & SEO to gain visibility. #freelancetips

• Get creative: Offer free consultations, write guest posts or make podcast interviews – they’re all inexpensive ways to get noticed. #freelancing

• Make sure you have an attractive website with quality content that showcase your services – it’s a key for success! #freelancemarketing

• Use YouTube to post videos about your work, join relevant groups on Facebook and engage with like-minded people. #freelancerpromo

• Have an eye-catching logo design, create an email list of contacts, use promotional materials like brochures and flyers. #freelancegig

• Take advantage of coupons and discounts to gain more followers; start blogging regularly; optimize your site for search engines. #freelancebusiness

• Networking is one of the cheapest yet most effective ways to promote yourself; use forums and local meetups to reach more people. #businesspromo

• Utilize digital tools such as SEO optimization software, discount codes & affiliate programs – they can help you achieve success! #onlinemarketing

This happened over measuring the length of a podcast episode title, it was too long for podbean.com where I host my podcast, so I asked Jasper in the ‘Tweet Machine’ for suggestions on “What inexpensive ways Freelancers are using to promote your freelance business online?” and these are a few of the results.


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