Selling the Benefits of Managed Services

Regular updates are required to maintain site speed, security, and longevity. As the agency responsible for building a site, you are in the best place to maintain it for your client. Sit down with your client early on; spell out the frequency and types of updates that they should expect to do. Show them some of the benefits of regular site maintenance:

Software Updates
An outdated CMS, theme, plugin, or other software can create security holes attackers will take advantage of to breach your clients’ sites.

Regular Backups
Creating a full backup from the server ensures you have a usable copy of the database and files. Regular manual backups are important even if you use a backup plugin, since plugin errors can sometimes render backups unusable.

Virus Scans
Attackers can be inconspicuous with their malicious activities. Bad code quietly placed on your site can quickly get you banned by search engines.

Site Updates for SEO
It’s important to keep content fresh to maintain your position in search engine rankings. Google’s frequent algorithm changes are well documented. Not keeping things optimized can cause your site to drop in (or disappear from) search results


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Author: guycook

#Introduction Guy R Cook is a longtime Web Developer and owns vDomainHosting, INC, an English speaking web consulting firm. He also runs The Guy R Cook Report, a popular podcast/screencast on tech mostly. Guy can be followed on social media at @guyrcook, +GuyRCook and Facebook. For more background information on Guy, see his profile.

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