1. What are your social media goals? Ask yourself what do you want social media to accomplish? Is it? Building brand awareness. Driving traffic to your website and/or blog. Getting new customers. Encouraging existing customers to write great reviews about you. Interacting with customers to collect market feedback. – See more at: http://ift.tt/1j0ZBLn from the Facebook Page

Visual Content Marketing: Plan for social media success
Visual Content Marketing expert walks you through a step by step plan to maximize social media efforts in 2015 and beyond. 7 key concepts to help you win.
More info @ http://ift.tt/1j0ZBLn
Automated post from Guy R Cook – Web Developer – http://ift.tt/1hqfxq2
October 05, 2015 at 01:38PM


Author: guycook

#Introduction Guy R Cook is a longtime Web Developer and owns vDomainHosting, INC, an English speaking web consulting firm. He also runs The Guy R Cook Report, https://theguyrcookreport.podbean.com/ a popular podcast/screencast on tech mostly. Guy can be followed on social media at @guyrcook, +GuyRCook and Facebook. I only can attempt a solution that you first ask me about. For more background information on Guy, see my about.me/guyrcook profile.

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