After yesterday this is a very timely post, thanks, sharing here. from the Facebook Page

Why It Is Important To have A 24 Hour Plumber
Most of us do not bother ensuring that they have contacts for a 24-hour plumber in close reach because we assume we might never need one. We hope and pray that nothing goes wrong with our plumbing systems and we assume that if anything goes wrong, we are simply going to take the directory or …
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September 10, 2015 at 07:23AM


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I sold that first website in August of 1995, and has continued my web solutions company offering design, development and deployment, usability or support services since. The previous work experience as the marketing director for an ISP, radio sales, television news announcer, have all have helped to build my corporation. 19 years plus online doesn't hurt a bit; to be a web developer.

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