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Today, doing the ‘duties’ involved with keeping current on websites, the WordPress powered websites, got an update from Yoast


Release Date: April 21st, 2015

Fixes a bug where the JSON+LD output was outputted twice when company or person info wasn’t set.
Fixes a compatibility issue with Video SEO and WooCommerce SEO add-ons causing WSOD on the frontend for video’s and WooCommerce products.
Fixes a compatibility issue with BBPress caused by hooking current_user_can too early.


Release Date: April 20th, 2015

Added support for website name JSON+LD markup.

Makes sure Twitter cards are by default enabled since they don’t need to be validated anymore by Twitter.
Removes the Twitter url meta tag, since Twitter no longer uses it.
Shows a validation error when a user selects a featured image for a post that is smaller than 200×200 pixels.
Shows a validation error when a user tries to use shortcodes in the titles and meta’s settings page that are incompatible with the type of content those titles and meta’s are associated with.
Makes sure no taxonomy metadata is lost with the upcoming 4.2 version of WordPress.
Upgraded to Facebook Graph API 3.0 for fetching Facebook user ID’s straight from Facebook.
Made the plugin conflict notices more user friendly, explaining better which piece of functionality might be impacted, offering a link to the corresponding settings and a button to deactivate the conflicting plugin.

Fixes a bug where the sitemaps were no longer being served from WP transient cache.
Fixes a bug where breadcrumbs weren’t nested properly.
Fixes a possible “headers already sent” error in the sitemaps.
Fixes a notice for the homepage URL in post type sitemaps.
Fixes an “undefined index” notice on the sitemaps.
Fixes an “undefined index” notice in the breadcrumbs.
Fixes a bug where translations were not loaded when used as MU-plugin.
Fixes a JS error that was raised when editing post-types without a TinyMCE editor.

Fixes a possible XSS vulnerability. Thanks Johannes Schmitt from Scrutinizer CI for discovering and responsibly disclosing this issue.

So, in research the ‘google knowledge base’  the source of the information needed for more information was listed as and after looking there, I had the information I needed to create this PDF file  (links to a public folder on DropBox)


Author: guycook

I sold that first website in August of 1995, and has continued my web solutions company offering design, development and deployment, usability or support services since. The previous work experience as the marketing director for an ISP, radio sales, television news announcer, have all have helped to build my corporation. 19 years plus online doesn't hurt a bit; to be a web developer.

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