Blogroll Monday – Who Is Rebekah Radice

On Monday’s I try to add at least one new link into the BlogRoll, from a blog that I intend to follow.   Today I found (via Google+ to start with) Rebekah Radice.    Her blog description reads as:

Welcome! I’m thrilled you’ve taken the time to check out my website and want to learn more about me. Let me share a few details that you might find interesting.
Rebekah Radice Social Media Marketing Los Angeles CA

I am a social media strategistcontent developer, brand manager and social media trainer.

I am the Manager of Industry Engagement for Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate and serve as “the voice” behind the brand. I am responsible for the daily management and content creation for all corporate Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate social media accounts.

Her content is worth a look, I”d encourage you to get social and subscribe.


Author: guycook

#Introduction Guy R Cook is a longtime Web Developer and owns vDomainHosting, INC, an English speaking web consulting firm. He also runs The Guy R Cook Report, a popular podcast/screencast on tech mostly. Guy can be followed on social media at @guyrcook, +GuyRCook and Facebook. For more background information on Guy, see his profile.

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