Joomla Content Editor + JBType + JCE JB Type plugin

Guy R Cook For your Joomla powered website, here’s a ‘tweak’ I’ve added this AM first get the right version, ok, got that, now for the extras from, 2 things to add to your JCE for Joomla,
First get this, JB Type, it is a Joomla style and typography plugin for your content. By using some simple Joomla syntax you can create some awesome typography for your site without knowing any html at all.
Second, on that same URL get the JCE JB Type plugin which provides a drop down list of JB Type styles available from the within the Joomla editor.

Your Joomla should be version 2.5.6 now (note: posted in August of 2012, 2.5.17 is current now as of 01/07/2014) so be sure you’re using the compatible versions of the above and enjoy your JCE editor addon like I have.


Author: guycook

#Introduction Guy R Cook is a longtime Web Developer and owns vDomainHosting, INC, an English speaking web consulting firm. He also runs The Guy R Cook Report, a popular podcast/screencast on tech mostly. Guy can be followed on social media at @guyrcook, +GuyRCook and Facebook. I only can attempt a solution that you first ask me about. For more background information on Guy, see my profile.

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