Another privacy invading monster (LSO cookies) | Eriky

Another privacy invading monster (LSO cookies) | Eriky

Shared via AddThis I learned about as a result of adding Full Security Suite :: Add-ons for Firefox (learning by doing some research about LSO cookies) if you haven’t heard of those, here’s one man’s view about LSO cookies
He added “Another privacy invading monster (LSO cookies)

Recently I came across something called LSO cookies (read about it, I’m not going to explain them in detail here). Since more and more browsers, virus scanners and security software block cookies, these LSO cookies are a real treat for advertisers and tracking companies for several reason:

* most people never heard of them
* they are difficult to block
* they provide lots of storage (100KB per site)
* they are not removed by your browser, ever
* they work and track you, even with your browsers “privacy mode”


Author: guycook

I sold that first website in August of 1995, and has continued my web solutions company offering design, development and deployment, usability or support services since. The previous work experience as the marketing director for an ISP, radio sales, television news announcer, have all have helped to build my corporation. 19 years plus online doesn't hurt a bit; to be a web developer.

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